Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is living life of truth.......

Living a life of truth to me is living a life where lying and deception lives side by side with honesty and uprightness. The TRUTH is in accepting both shades of life as essential part of our day today living. Always telling the truth is neither warranted, nor desired just as lying and deceptions are not warranted all the time. Both sides are used and should be used to deal with situation of life in a judicious manner for the good of humanity and the world.

It is important that truth be told and telling lies be refrained from. But what is more important is the manner of telling the truth or lies. Truth told with malice is no worse than lies that brings enemity and mistrust. Infact, truth with malice hurts more than anything else.

Truth told to save a person's life or for the goodness of humanity is as divine as lies told to prevent the inevitable misery, harm or destruction caused by the evil forces.

Truth, should not be spoken for truth's sake only, but for the beauty and love that truth brings. If truth is designed to bring misery and mistrust, then cast away the truth. Lying should be avoided not only for the sake of untruth in it, but for the strife and distrusts it brings.

In our day today life ... if the question of whether to tell the truth or untruth comes up face to face, then please use all your mental faculty to ask yourself its intention, whether what you say is intended to bring happiness or sorrow, whether it is intended to bring bring misery or smiles, whether it is intended to prevent the evil or to cause the evil to take it's course. The divinity or devilry is not in truth or untruth itself, but in the purpose of saying these words of truth and untruth.

I keep meeting people who says they never tell lies, but I am yet to meet a person who have always spoken the truth. The moments of lies and truth are as true as day following night and night following the day. It is not within human capacity to prevent these two aspects..... but it is very much within human capacity to decide when to say what and for what purpose. So, let your purpose be always for good of youself and for humanity.

Thus Sulu muses.

NB. What I write is not intended to preach, or for someone to follow it. What I muse is only intended for my self, my inner conversation spoken out on FB so that I can have other's view on the matter. Each of us have rite to have our view of life. So please feel free to express your ideas as you think.